Dear Fellow Classmates,

Let's Celebrate our Graduation!

Over the past few years we have built strong bonds with HKU and our classmates. Those bonds will continue to flourish and last for a lifetime.

To celebrate our graduation, we can:

1. Get an exclusive Certificate Folder
2. Say "Thanks" to Your Respected Ones

Get the souvenir by post

Class of 2007 Certificate Folder

Receive this commemorative certificate folder with a donation of HK$80(originally $120) or more to "HKU 512 Earthquake Roundtable Fund" from now to September 30, 2008.

Say "Thanks" to Your Respected Ones

On our graduation, we may like to say "THANKS" to all those who have supported us and been by our side throughout our academic journey. Our parents, teachers, mentors íK and many others deserve a show of appreciation.

Make a donation of $100 to HKU to receive an exclusive photo frame - perfect for inserting our graduation picture and giving to our respected ones.

With the "Stanley Ho Alumni Challenge", it means our donations will be matched dollar for dollar by Dr Stanley Ho.

Make a donation to our alma mater now for your own commemorative Class of 2007 certificate folder and to say thanks to your respected ones!

We look forward to your support and participation!

Yours faithfully,

Class of 2007 Core Group

- Lina Chun

(Business & Econ)
- Claudia Chan
- James Kong
- Fiona Tse
- Joanna Wong

- Julian Cheung

- Lee Man Yiu

- Winfield Lau

- Bosco Leung

(Social Sciences)
- Angie Lau
- Fion Li
- Carrie Pau
- Gladys Tse
- Wong Nu Lik

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